Blog Launch

Tomorrow afternoon, we are going to launch the blog. I started this journey back in February, when I joined the company. I will show you the way on how we got here, in future posts about pre-launch preparations.

Opt-in Newsletter and Social Media Invitations

For the launch, we are going to send a newsletter to our 3500 strong email list of German speaking customers and subscribers. I did not want to take this full initial list of people and start spamming them with articles and case studies they have never asked for. So we are going to send one email to them that invites them to join our subscriber list, where they can sign up for weekly educational emails and articles.

Once people do opt-in to our material, we are able try out different formats with our audience without feeling guilty that we annoy them. We gain the ability to build something together with them, based on their continuous feedback. The aim is to build a UX community around the blog, that spreads and advances the user centered design approach.


In addition we have chose three social media platforms that we will be active on. Linkedin, Xing and Twitter. I think its important to get really good at a few chosen channels, rather than trying to post half-heartedly on many different ones.

Goals for Launch

My personal goal is to get the first 100 subscribers out of this first email and social media push.

This should give us a good audience to work with and start spreading our content from.

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