Blog Launch

Tomorrow afternoon, we are going to launch the blog. I started this journey back in February, when I joined the company. I will show you the way on how we got here, in future posts about pre-launch preparations.

Opt-in Newsletter and Social Media Invitations

For the launch, we are going to send a newsletter to our 3500 strong email list of German speaking customers and subscribers. I did not want to take this full initial list of people and start spamming them with articles and case studies they have never asked for. So we are going to send one email to them that invites them to join our subscriber list, where they can sign up for weekly educational emails and articles.

Once people do opt-in to our material, we are able try out different formats with our audience without feeling guilty that we annoy them. We gain the ability to build something together with them, based on their continuous feedback. The aim is to build a UX community around the blog, that spreads and advances the user centered design approach.


In addition we have chose three social media platforms that we will be active on. Linkedin, Xing and Twitter. I think its important to get really good at a few chosen channels, rather than trying to post half-heartedly on many different ones.

Goals for Launch

My personal goal is to get the first 100 subscribers out of this first email and social media push.

This should give us a good audience to work with and start spreading our content from.


What is this about?

You are reading the journey of a content marketing program that goes from no digital footprint and 0 subscribers to a a fully functional inbound marketing program with 10k subscribers. The project is part of a bigger digital marketing program that I took over at the test user recruitment startup TT.

The Author

I don\’t want to bore you with my life story, so best head over to the Me in 10s¬†section of this website.

The Company

I currently work at a startup called TT. TT is a recruiting service for test users. Test users are people like you and me who are participating in research studies that help companies test their products and services. Our customers are UX researchers and UX designers mostly working in larger companies that have made the leap to a user centered design approach. Meaning they develop their apps and websites while constantly keeping the feedback of their users at the forefront.

For example, a customer like Zalando would like to test their navigation redesign, so they order 5 test users from us. These test users are then invited to an on-site or remote user test where they get to interact with the new navigation elements solving


My Job at TT

To give you some context. Before I started at TT, I had

  • no knowledge of SEO
  • no knowledge of user testing, usability and UX
  • basic knowledge of Content Marketing
  • basic knowledge of Inbound Marketing

So my job

What is my motivation to write these pages and put them on the internet?

  • I think by constantly reflecting and writing about my journey, I will learn faster and will be able to take better decisions.
  • I think by sharing my goals and ambitions, I create social accountability. Which in turn will help me to push myself to realize more ambitious goals.
  • I want people to read my stuff, so the world finally recognizes how brilliant and smart I am. And popular ūüôā
  • I am passionate about sharing my learnings, so that others can profit from it. That\’s the part where I have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, because I can give something back.

Now why should you care?

My goal is to provide you with a feeling that your are not alone in trying to figure this stuff out. I will be as honest as my ego permits and hopefully you will learn from my successes and mistakes along the way.

I write this guide for people who would like to have a genuine account of what it actually takes to get to a 10k subscribers. Because the reality is that we have to get down into the dirt, work hard and be ready to fail. A lot.

In this journal, I will share with you what blogs and books I read, which tools I use, what experiments and strategies I try out and what progress we make in hard cold numbers.

So if you are on a similar journey or want to embark on one, then this journal is for you.

What content can I expect?

This blog will be a mix between

So lets get to it.



The bookmark list is a collection of my favorite resources on the internet, grouped by category.

Monocle – The Entrepreneurs¬†– Monocle\’s podcast where they interview entrepreneurs from all industries.

WIRED Innovation Insights – In-depth articles and analysis about innovation and technology.

TechCrunch – For quick, tabloid style technology news still a fantastic resource.

a16z – Blog from notorious venture capital fund Andreesen Horowitz. Solid resource for innovation insights.

YCombinator Blog РA must read for budding entrepreneurs.

Food Tech Connect РEspecially their newsletter is a must if you work in Food-Tech. Great events if you are in NYC.

Inside VR РA smart and concise newsletter about the virtual reality industry.

Harvard Nieman Lab РDaily digest about the development of new media

Quicksprout РFrom the Quicksprout university to the free online marketing guides. A must have.

SEOMoz РAll about SEO, has been around for ages and still the number one resource.

WaitbutWhy –¬†Educational, deep, and illustrated¬†long form articles explaining philosophy and technology topics

The School of Life РA treasure trove of videos explaining the complex questions of life.

Sivers РBlog of a successful entrepreneur, circus performer and musician. Very human, very useful.

Mark Manson РA brutally honest blog about life and the decisions we make.

Tim Feriss¬†– Tim¬†interviews the world\’s best performers, athletes and entrepreneurs. You will learn a lot.

Alain de Botton РThe founder of The School of Life is a philosopher and shares great insights over Twitter.

Brain Pickings РMaria Popova reads. A lot. And she shares her findings in a mix of long- and short-format articles.

The Book of Life – A collection of essays on work, relationships, and culture. Very worth your time.

Coolhunting РRefreshing online magazine discussing art, design, culture and technology.

Monocle¬†Radio¬†– Monocle\’s radio station. Politics, News, Culture, Travel. They have it all and its high quality.

SwissMiss РA design blog by Tina Roth.


Helping makers and shakers get off the ground.

Often times bootstrapped entrepreneurs don\’t have the means to spend thousands of dollars on a website and marketing support.¬†In my form of giving back, I started¬†Tino¬†to¬†help non-profits and small startups build their first online presence and advise them on all things digital.

Cottier-Donzé Foundation

The Cottier-Donzé Foundation is a non profit organisation based in Zurich, Switzerland. The foundation supports projects creating social change with special focus on girl empowerment.

Project Involvement

Objective: Create a responsive, fast, and minimalistic website including all digital branding assets.

  • Creative direction for logo design, typography and website design
  • WordPress child theme customizations with CSS and HTML

Pictionary Films

Pictionary Films is a small video production studio led by two eighteen year old students. They are a one-stop shop producing work from mini-documentaries and drone-shot weddings, to product promotion videos.

Project Involvement

Objective: Create a simple website to showcase their best work and establish a presence online.

  • Realized on WordPress
  • HTML, CSS and minor Javascript custimizations

Stara Foundation

Stara provides the children of Nairobi secure accommodation, education facilities, a space play and supports them along the way to a self-determined future.

Project Involvement

Objective: Build a web presence and branding that reflects the pillars of Stara; transparency, equality and self-empowerment.

  • WordPress based website
  • Customizations with CSS and HTML
  • Creative direction on branding assets (type, color palette, logo)

Hues Atelier – Interior Design

Interior designer Anne Gherzi-Scott runs a design studio specializing on unique and repurposed renovation projects. For example her own atelier is a re-done chicken coop.

Project Involvement

Objective: Create a minimalistic website to showcase her work, adhering to her existing branding.

  • Running on WordPress
  • From 2013, in the meantime used as a personal travel blog as well

Crossing the Atlantic

North Korea

In the Press

Mentioned in the following articles:

QUARTZ Soon you’ll be able to get your tortillas and pet food from Keurig-like pods

DIGITAL TRENDS Make fresh tortillas in less than 2 minutes with the Flatev tortilla maker

CORE 77 From the Designer of NEST and GoPro, a New Pod-Fueled Tortilla Maker

FOODBEV Interview: Flatev to offer fresh tortillas at the push of a button

LA TACO The flatev tortilla machine launches today

VANITY FAIR Welcome to the food tech revolution.

KITCHOLOGY Improved Food Technology Simplifies Things in the Kitchen

Me in 10s

My big four are digital marketing, technology, food and traveling.

Previously did biz-dev at Apple, studied international management, and led marketing at a food-tech startup.

I co-created a six-figure Kickstarter campaign.

My adventures led me through North Korea and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Swiss native. Lived in New York, Boston and Santa Barbara.

Im am co-hosting the annual TEDxZurich.

Proud member of the Mangrove community, dedicated to ignite change in how we work.

I am a voracious reader of literature on frontier technology, social change, self-improvement, and rad comic blogs about rad people.

2017 – present / Online Marketing Manager, TestingTime

2012 – 2016 / CMO at flatev

2011 Р2013 / Bachelor International Mgmt,  ZHAW

2010 – 2012 / Business Dev at Apple

2006 – 2009 / IT Administrator at Harcourt (acquired by Vontobel)

My full CV on LinkedIn

Surprise VR
curated weekly brief on the virtual reality and augmented reality industry.

a non-profit helping foundations and small businesses to thrive online.

City Guides
keeping up-to-date foursquare city-guides from all over the world.


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