What is this about?

You are reading the journey of a content marketing program that goes from no digital footprint and 0 subscribers to a a fully functional inbound marketing program with 10k subscribers. The project is part of a bigger digital marketing program that I took over at the test user recruitment startup TT.

The Author

I don\’t want to bore you with my life story, so best head over to the Me in 10s section of this website.

The Company

I currently work at a startup called TT. TT is a recruiting service for test users. Test users are people like you and me who are participating in research studies that help companies test their products and services. Our customers are UX researchers and UX designers mostly working in larger companies that have made the leap to a user centered design approach. Meaning they develop their apps and websites while constantly keeping the feedback of their users at the forefront.

For example, a customer like Zalando would like to test their navigation redesign, so they order 5 test users from us. These test users are then invited to an on-site or remote user test where they get to interact with the new navigation elements solving


My Job at TT

To give you some context. Before I started at TT, I had

  • no knowledge of SEO
  • no knowledge of user testing, usability and UX
  • basic knowledge of Content Marketing
  • basic knowledge of Inbound Marketing

So my job

What is my motivation to write these pages and put them on the internet?

  • I think by constantly reflecting and writing about my journey, I will learn faster and will be able to take better decisions.
  • I think by sharing my goals and ambitions, I create social accountability. Which in turn will help me to push myself to realize more ambitious goals.
  • I want people to read my stuff, so the world finally recognizes how brilliant and smart I am. And popular 🙂
  • I am passionate about sharing my learnings, so that others can profit from it. That\’s the part where I have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, because I can give something back.

Now why should you care?

My goal is to provide you with a feeling that your are not alone in trying to figure this stuff out. I will be as honest as my ego permits and hopefully you will learn from my successes and mistakes along the way.

I write this guide for people who would like to have a genuine account of what it actually takes to get to a 10k subscribers. Because the reality is that we have to get down into the dirt, work hard and be ready to fail. A lot.

In this journal, I will share with you what blogs and books I read, which tools I use, what experiments and strategies I try out and what progress we make in hard cold numbers.

So if you are on a similar journey or want to embark on one, then this journal is for you.

What content can I expect?

This blog will be a mix between

So lets get to it.


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