What I am doing now

Started working at TestingTime, a test user recruiting service. I’ll build their online marketing strategy and inbound program.

Finished my 30-day drawing challenge, and I am super pleased with the results. Blog post follows.

Launched the bookmarks page. Browse through my favorite online resources.

Reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, a 1200 page beast. Its as gripping as her other book Fountainhead.

My current favorite album:

Last Update – January 30, 2017

I am freshening up my SEO knowledge. Check out the industry primer The Art of SEO.

Just finished the website for Pictionary, a small video-production company.

I am getting into drawing 3D. The book You Can Draw in 30 days is a phenomenal resource for beginners.

Listening to Dieter Ram’s Jazz playlist. Its part of the Dieter Rams documentary I backed on Kickstarter.

Last Update – December 29, 2016